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Audio Requirements

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P.A.: a professional, high quality system, (EV series x array, xi, xlc, x-line; D&B; Meyer; Nexò; V-dosc, d-V-Dosc..) according to the room size; should be actively crossovered ( 3 or 4 ways ) and powered by matched, high quality amps . Should be flown where possible; if not, stacked on risers out of stage. The system should be in Stereo configuration; an indipendent output to feed the subs should be provided where possible; balcony, frontfill and delayline speakers should be installed where necessary and precisely delayed.

F.O.H. MIXING DESK: high quality 16 inputs + stereo fx returns, 6 aux sends pre-post, 4 band eq fully parametric (or with semiparametric mid + 2 shelving), adjustable lo cut, VCA groups (Crest century VX, V12; Midas H.. ; Soundcraft five….). We prefere an anologic consolle; digital consolle only where monitors are driven by a separate mon desk. NO 01, 03, Beheringer digital. F.O.H. position should be centrally located – if possible not under balcony – not behind a window! Provide a talkback mic to stage monitors.

F.O.H. OUTBOARDS: 1 high quality 31 band graphic eq; 3 fx units (Spx 990, PCM 70, 80, 90…); 6 channels high quality compression ( Dbx, Bss, Drawmer…); 1 cd player. Line delays and separate equalizers where front fill, delays and balconies are installed.

MONITORING: high quality 24 inputs, 4 band eq fully parametric or semiparametrics mid + 2 shelving, adjustable lo cut. 2 channels of compression, 1 FX unit, 4 indipendent mixes available, 4 high quality 31 bands graphic eq inserted in outputs, 5 small sized, lo profile wedges, (5 on stage and 1 at monitor mixer position) with 12” woofer (or Nexò PS 10), powered by high quality matched amps.
Where a monitor mixer is provided, an experienced monitor engineer should be available during stage set up, sound check and show.
Where a monitor mix is not provided, f.o.h. desk must be capable of 4 equalized pre aux sends (monitors) and 4 post aux sends (fx)

MICROPHONES / D.I.: check input list; this is the main choice; equivalent mics are acceptable.

STAGE: minimum 8×6 (meters) available for the band. Must be safely reachable. No unnecessary objects should be on stage. We need 2 armless chairs and a a stool with backrest for the accordionist player.

SOUND CHECK: At least 1 hour and 15’.



input Mic/d.i.


insert Note


Doublebass d.i. box attiva

Power  220v.


Accordeon hi Sennh. 421/SM58




Accordeon low Clip MusicMan/AKG


Guitar “Dupont” M.Geri d.i. box attiva


Guitar “dupont” L.Giovacchini xlr  Power 220v.


Electric guitar L.Giovacchini SM 57

Power  220 v.


Clarinet Sennh.421/SM58



Voice  M. Geri SM58




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