Maurizio Geri Swingtet


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The show is stylistically inspired by the alsatian gypsy tradition, by the original founder Django Reinhardt, and all the other contaminations that have up to now made gypsy jazz vital and “modern”.

The musical content place the concert in a current dimension, while the instrumentation (acoustic), communicate a nostalgic and evergreen retro feeling.

On this path, between the european gypsy tradition, american swing and italian popular songwriting, a new and original alchemy is born, a sound that winks to the mediterranean, between the historic and innovative, the stylistic research and new creation, all aspects that place the swingtet as The Band in Italy for the genre, for it’s longevity, curriculum and discography, the only formation to date to have participated in the most prestigious french festival dedicated to Django: “Samois sur Seine”. The entry of the internationally renowned clarinetist Nico Gori adds considerable value to the line-up.

The “Swingtet” is for Maurizio Geri the culmination of a work that began many years ago and with the project in question, enters in the heart of a new development. Orienting his instrumental and musical research towards the great Django Reinhardt, Maurizio did so the “right way”: by studying gypsy jazz with the “manouche”, playing with them, living in close contact with them, learning directly from them, without giving up himself and his own roots. He practiced Django’s lesson not only and not as much on the instrument, but mostly in the space between originality and adherence to tradition that made Reinhardt the undisputed model for many generations of european not formally trained musicians.

The music of the Swingtet are testimony, along with Maurizio’s interviews, of the free and passionate, rigorous and at the same time open approach that has characterised the band, particularly the emphasis on Django’s contribution to the articulate context of jazz, dance music and improvisation, a totally european context, but careful to the tradition of the italian song, along with the popular tuscan and mediterranean music that was his first love and his formative “gym”, as a instrumentalist and author. (L.Pallini)

The Swingtet is formed by: Nico Gori (clarinet), Nicola Vernuccio (double-bass), Francesco Greppi (guitar), Giacomo Tosti (accordion), but in the past the following musicians have played in it: Leonardo Boni (guitar), Klaus Lessmann (clarinet) Chris Brashear (violin), Enzo Biordi (accordion), Daniele Mencarelli (double-bass), Ruben Chaviano Fabian (violin), Paolo Ghetti (double-bass), Emanuele Parrini (violin), Claudia Tellini (voice).

  • Maurizio Geri: guitar, voice
  • Nico Gori: clarinet
  • Francesco Greppi: guitar
  • Giacomo Tosti: accordeon
  • Nicola Vernuccio: double bass

  • Manouche e dintorni (Felmay 1998, fy 8010)
  • A cielo aperto (Visage 2001, ristampa TRJ 2011-0029)
  • l’Uovo di Colombo (Delta 2004, TRI 001)
  • Ancora un ballo (Egea/Radar 2007, Radar 40005)
  • Tito tariero (Matson 2013, 99570)
  • Swing a sud (Visage 2015, VM 3006)