Djanbolulù Swing Trio


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A concert dedicated to swing-manouche, by a trio formed by strings instruments: a few standards and a lot of original compositions, a reunion between the most appreciated musicians in the style in the national field and also internationally recognised.

The two guitar players marked the history of gypsy jazz in Italy, Maurizio Geri started to develop his passion for Django in 1989 and formed his “Swingtet”, a band who participated to Samois sur Seine festival in 2000; Jacopo Martini in a few years it’s called as teacher at “Django in June” in Boston.
Different points of start: popular music and songs (by one side?), derivation from modern jazz on the other; two worlds, two different techniques meeting and exalting in musical taste and the choice of repertoire, but also two composers, two different inspirations converging, popular and jazz, just like jazz manouche has always been by nature, traditional and modern at the same time.

To underline and stimulate such a rich and various harmonic framework it’s necessary the double-bass of Nicola Vernuccio, prominent figure in the free-jazz Italian scene and long-time partner of the two guitar players.

They have lot of recordings as leaders and in other groups, and participations to festivals all over the world, and they recently published, among others, the method “Jazz manouche guitar” (ed. Reno Brandoni, distr. Curci), the first Italian didactic book about the style, and which will soon be translated in English.

  • Maurizio Geri: guitar, voice
  • Jacopo Martini: guitar
  • Nicola Vernuccio: double bass